Why Yamaha YFL-221 is One of The Best Student Flutes

Published: 24th February 2011
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If you think that your child really loves to play flute, why not buy a good student model flute than to rent one. Since there are several brands to choose from, it is not hard to look for a flute that will best suit to your child than to rent it every time your child needs it. You can look for a brand new one or if you do not have enough money you can opt to gently used flute that still look and sound good. Buying a flute also mean that your child will have all the time to practice and use of his or her own flute.

However, you need to consider the quality of the student flute that you will purchase because it is very vital. When you choose to buy a cheap made flute, it will not give your child a satisfaction to use and play it because it only produces poor quality sound, while high quality made flute will not only give your child a good quality sounds but he or she can also enjoy playing it.

Cheap flutes will not last long

If it is your first time to acquire a student flute you need to consider that not all branded flutes are the best one especially if the retailer only offer it for less than $100. These flutes are surely made from a cheap materials and they will not last long for a year. Remember that Chinese imports are typically made from substandard materials and when they get damaged, it is impossible to fix.

High quality student flutes

That is why it is essential that you look closely in the materials used in the flute and the manufacturers who made it. Making a high quality flute takes many years and acquired a better skill to do it perfectly. The retail costs for the most known student model flutes range from $600 to $1,000 and not less than $100. If you directly purchase from the manufacturer that is the price you need to compensate even if you look for online retailers and music stores.

The best top three flutes for students

Flutes come in several respected brands and manufacturers and there are three of the most top student flutes for your child that he or she will surely love.

Jupiter J-511

Jupiter restores its place in the market of student instrument after it suffers from quality disappointments in the late 1990s. The model J-511 is ideal for all the students who want to play flute and it is also available in an open hole for those who are playing flute for a few years.

Gemeinhardt 2SP

Everybody who plays flute knows and respected Gemeinhardt since they are the biggest maker of flute globally. The model 2SP has been the best preference of music teachers and dealers. The standard of their flute is made from high-quality materials and this model is made especially for students. It has exceptional toughness, and the offset key of G is much easier for children who have small hands to reach the key than the standards models.

Yamaha YFL-221

Yamaha is the biggest maker of musical instruments, such as flute all over the world. They have made a leading name in music industry. They also have some of the uppermost quality flutes for all levels of musicians. The enthusiasts of this company have created blogs and fan sites for all Yamaha flutes. The model YFL-221 provides you a high quality sounds and it is also very durable. Yamaha offers their flute at very reasonable price.

Closed or Open Hole

Most musicians in intermediate to professional players choose open hole flutes because it offers better response and more preferences for alternating fingers. However, most of the student flutes are made in closed hole.

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Gunnar Bengtsson writes about Yamaha Flutes for the beginning and advanced flutist - especially quality models like the Gemeinhardt 2SP.

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