Do Slimming Belts Work?

Published: 27th September 2011
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Slimming belt is a mechanical vibrating belt that is worn around your waist. The waist slimming belt works by stimulate muscles in your abdomen causing them to tighten. Some belt claim that it can help you lose weight. One thing that I like about this belt is it can give you comfortable massage. What I don’t like from these slimming belts is some of the producers use misleading ads. They claim this method an easy way to lose weight.
Slimming belt specification
Here are some slimming belt specifications that you should know:
•It can vibrate at varying speeds. Each speed can has different purposes.
•Some slimming belts have an optional heating device built in which we call sauna slimming belt. It is supposed to make you sweat and burn calorie. You should follow the directions when you want to use this heater because it could cause burns. Latest belt can make heat up to 42 degrees Celsius.
•Several slimming belts also has magnet inside the belt which creates magnetic field. It is claimed that this magnetic field promote better health.
How does slimming belt works
Slimming belt works through their vibration and heat they produced. Some belt also has electrode which can simulate a sit ups. The belt can cause your muscles to tighten and loosen just like you are doing sit ups. After some time of use, it will change your abdomen and will make you look thinner. Normally you need to wear the belt 15 to 30 minutes each day. You can see the results after several months, although the manufactures claims you will get results in weeks. The heat from the belt helps you to sweat and burn calorie.
Some slimming belt can be used under your cloth to create a thinner image. This will help to boost your self confidence. It’s always good to feel slim.
Does slimming belt can help losing weight?
Although slimming belt can make you look thinner, it does not really help you lose weight. It is just affecting your appearance and not really have effect much effect on your weight. I would only use it to make me look thinner and massage me.
The best slimming belt

I love to find products through Amazon, because I can tell whether a product is good or not by looking at the previous buyer comments. The best slimming belt that I found is McDavid Waist Trimmer. It is the best seller in its category. If you are looking to enhance your weight loss efforts or relieve some minor pain the belt is an ideal choice. The belt it self is long enough to fits up to 50" waist. It is really a great product. You can see the slimming belt reviews at Amazon. The price for this belt is around $15 which is very cheap for me compared to its usefulness.
Should you buy slimming belt
Sliming belt can help you change your appearance into thinner, but it won’t help you much in losing weight. Here are several things you should consider if you want to buy a slimming belt:
•Each slimming belt has its own purpose so you need to buy slimming belt that suits your purpose. Some belts also require you to do extra exercise. If you don’t want that, you can look for another belt.
•Check for guarantee and return policy. Will they accept a refund it the belt doesn’t work like it is promised?

There are many ways to lose weight and you should know these methods. It is essential to lose weight quick in order to regain the quality of your life.

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